6 Stage Life Coaching Process

My approach fuses Life Coaching with NLP, Psychology, my life experience and influences.

I offer the first 30 minutes consultation free to go through any initial questions clients may have around Life Coaching. I am keen to help my clients to become clear on what they feel is the main problem or challenge they wish to overcome. What they hope to achieve through Life Coaching.

To help them to do this I will ask them to complete a free detailed Life Balance Questionnaire. This gets the client to really analyze their current life, purpose and relationships. This will enable them to create some high level visionary statements. This will provide some key areas in which to focus our subsequent Life Coaching sessions around.

1.Life Balance Questionnaire

Will identify the area/s of their life which are currently out of balance. This provides a great starting point for the coaching process.

2. Identifying the Problem (Undesired Emotion)

The next stage is to have a conversation to help the client identify the main undesired emotion they wish to deal with in their life. Helping the client to become more aware to respond rather than react.

3.Establishing the Desired Coaching Goal

We will now establish the main coaching goal they wish to work towards. We will focus on one goal at a time and together we will create a suitable SMART Action plan. What is the first goal they wish to focus on and work towards?

4.Questions to get to the Root of Limited Beliefs (Stinky Kippers)

We all have Limited Beliefs, we may already be aware of some of these. However most of us have no awareness of these and are being unconsciously impacted by these. These are typically formed as children or teenagers. It is important that myself and the client become clear on the belief/s that maybe holding them back. These are likely to prevent them from moving forward and achieving their goals. There is a follow up exercise that I use to get my clients to visualize life without the specific belief/s.

5. Core Identity Coaching Model

On the 2nd or 3rd session, I will typically move onto the Core Identity Model. Teaching and working through this with my client will help them to understand themselves better. The nature of the problem they have is often typically attached to their identity in some way.

6. Core Values & Priorities

At this point it is important for me to help my client to become clear on what their core values and priorities are. What is it that’s driving them? Helping them to understand this and help them to make wiser choices in line with what they really want.

Let’s build something great together.

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