Shut Up And Move On (S.U.M.O)


  • Contemporary book with humor, easily accessible personal growth and mentoring book written by Paul McGee from Manchester.
  • Focuses on 6 core/chapters and features some really easy to grasp visual principles.
  • A book that I have borrowed on a long term loan from my old C.O.O πŸ™‚
  • Really useful for anyone needing to cultivate some positive change in their thinking, outlook and actions within their life.

Summary Of Chapters:

1. Change Your T-Shirt, adapting your attitude and taking responsibility for your response and results. Moving away from Blame Someone Else (B.S.E) thinking.

2. Beach-Ball, listening to others empathically and seeing their perspective before answering.

3. Fruity Thinking, positive thinking, internal questioning frameworks to mentally process and overcome life’s challenges.

4. Carpe-Diem/Learn-Latin, has a focus on tackling biggest challenges each day.

5. Hippo Time message is that it is ok to have down moments, but being aware of these moments. Not staying in this space, utilizing techniques to shift our mind and mood from these dark periods.

6. Ditch Doris Day/Que Sera Sera – establishing vision, visions and SMART goal setting.

This article uses material from S.U.M.O. Shut Up, Move On – SUMO ( which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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