Circles Of Influence and 6 Morning Habits

Information: Circles of Influence is adapted from Julian Rotter’s great work. The more we focus on what we can control and influence daily the more empowered and positive focused we become. 6 Morning Habits is based on Hal Elrod’s research based on successful business people and sports professionals. Video Summary: Locus of Control as a principleContinue reading “Circles Of Influence and 6 Morning Habits”

Agile Career Podcast Recruitment

Information: Agile Career Podcast Recruitment My first recorded interview with Gunter Richter, Business Consulting Practice Head at Adatis and the owner of this excellent podcast series. My episode focuses on my career changes from a Recruitment to People Team professional and tactics to ensure success. Overview of the key stages of my career and development.Continue reading “Agile Career Podcast Recruitment”

Shut Up And Move On (S.U.M.O)

Information: Contemporary book with humor, easily accessible personal growth and mentoring book written by Paul McGee from Manchester. Focuses on 6 core/chapters and features some really easy to grasp visual principles. A book that I have borrowed on a long term loan from my old C.O.O 🙂 Really useful for anyone needing to cultivate someContinue reading “Shut Up And Move On (S.U.M.O)”