Christmas and January Networking For Jobs


Christmas has traditionally been a slower period in the world of recruitment. This due to the parties, lack of availability of hiring managers and those with one eye on the much needed break. Numerous companies go into wind down mode meaning recruitment can be pushed down the agenda.

January is also normally been a challenging month which typically begins with employees getting back up to speed, needing to get into the mindset to deliver on crucial tasks and priorities. It is also a month that has a focus on goal setting, planning and forecasting.

However much like the housing market last year the traditional seasonal patterns have been disrupted by COVID, market forces and the current pent-up demand.

A significant number of companies were still looking for talent for their businesses right up until the final days of December. I noticed a higher than normal number of contacts from my network for January posted status updates and have moved to new companies or taken on new positions this week.

At this time of the year, it is natural to feel a little tired/lethargic and want to take a rest from your job search for understandable reasons. However, there is a tremendous opportunity for jobseekers to capitalize on this period and to be on the radar of perspective employers. It’s a great period to reach out and network with previous colleagues, counterparts and build new relationships with perspective companies which you are interested in working for or collaborating with.

Careers advice firm, suggest 70% of jobs are filled that are not advertised. The figure is similar to the 60% figure suggested by The Guardian. Unfortunately by not taking action you are highly likely to be missing out.

Jobseekers have the opportunity to have some fun, share some of the festive or New Year cheer and make references to previous times.

I hope you enjoy the following fireside chat which was organized by LHH one of the UK’s premier Out Placement specialists. I am joined by my fellow previous job seeker Keith Mabbitt and Kate Howlett. In a discussion around tactics, learnings and additionally methods to stay positive.

Over 4000 people have already viewed this video and have gained tips that have helped them on their journey. Feel free to comment or reach out to me if you have any questions.

All the best for 2022 and with your Job search!

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